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The new building will be called "Lake Anne House." The new building address will be 11444 North Shore Drive, Reston VA. We will help you through the full relocation process, including updating your mailing address, forwarding medications, and opening utility accounts. 

The relocation timeline will shift as the construction progresses. But you can expect the following steps:

  • February 2021: initial meeting with ECD to discuss the process

  • Spring 2021: kick-off meeting with full relocation team

  • Summer 2021: first conversations with relocation advisors; survey to collect critical information

  • Winter 2021-2022: packing seminars, help with utilities and mailing address, income certifications

  • Spring/Summer 2022: Moves will begin, depending on construction progress. 

The new building will be energy efficient, highly amenitized, and provide residents with high-quality resident services designed around your expressed needs and preferences.

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May 2021


Meeting with full relocation team to discuss the timeline ahead and all the support that HousingToHome will provide. Click here for presentation.

August-September 2021


This will be your opportunity to talk one-on-one with the relocation coordinators and ask any questions, talk about your specific needs and constraints, and review what you have to physically move. These will be by phone and in-unit (with attention to COVID-19 safety precautions).

August - October 2021


The relocation and development team will use all the information collected during the surveys, combined with your tenure at the existing building, to assign units.

November 2021


These are notices required by your voucher subsidy contracts. We don't want you to be surprised or alarmed when they appear!

Winter 2021 - 2022


Relocation coordinators will work with you to establish new accounts, set up mail forwarding, change your address, etc. There will also be packing seminars and help with removing your unwanted items during this period.

Spring 2022


Depending on how quickly construction progresses on the lower levels, moves could begin as early as April 2022. They will proceed floor-by-floor, from the ground level up.

September 2022


All residents should expect to be living in their new units!


It's not too soon to start planning!

We still have more than a year to go, and you'll only be moving next door, but it's never too soon to start preparing for the relocation effort. Here are some steps you can start taking this year so that you are as ready as possible for next year!

  • Almost time for spring cleaning! As you break out the dusters, start thinking about what you don't want or need to move to the new building. Are there expired items in your pantry, fridge, or medicine cabinet? Clothes in your closet that don't fit anymore?

  • Start a list of all the contacts who send you mail and packages. Medicines? Social Security? Relatives? We will help you through the process of updating your contacts and forwarding your mail, but starting with a list is a big help. 

Keys To The New Place