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Construction This Spring

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Now that snow is hopefully behind us and the construction team has founds its groove with the building, you should expect to see quick vertical process in the months ahead. Each floor takes just a few weeks to mold, pour, frame, and prepare the next. At the time of this writing, the construction team has begun work on the 4th residential floor and 5th overall (out of 8 total).

This will continue to be the primary visible activity on site through the end of May, but we hop that the building will "top off" -- meaning the roof will be installed -- by mid summer. You will also start to see windows and exterior doors going in over the course of the spring, getting the building to the point where it is "dried in," which means drywall work can begin. In the meantime, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical trades are working on the lower floors to rough in all the material that will go behind that drywall.

Keep your fingers crossed for a dry spring, which allows construction to continue moving quickly. (But kudos to the teams who showed up, even in the snow!)

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